User Data Deletion

Data Collection: Graphixware does not collect any personal or account data from users through their mobile apps. Anonymous data is collected to understand what features are being used, how users navigate through apps, and actions in the apps that cause it to crash. This anonymous data is important to improve the product and provide the best value to our users.

Data Transmission: Anonymous data is transmitted securely using HTTPS, a secure communication  protocol that authenticates the origin of the data being transmitted, and encrypts that data to keep it private and protected against attacks.

Data Integrity: Anonymous data is never sold or made available to any other parties. It's kept secure within the ecosystem used to collect it.

Data Deletion: Since only anonymous data is collected, there's no specific user data to delete if a user chooses not to use the app any longer. In order to delete data from the system, users should  delete the app from their device. No further action is required.